What are the benefits of SIS Security?

SIS company provides various facilities to its security guard employees, whose benefits can be availed by the security guards during their job and after the job.


What are the benefits of a security guard? 


Permanent Job – 

By giving 1 month training you are given a permanent job till the age of 60 to 65 years. 


SIS Security Promotion – 

You can also become Chief Executive Officer or Director from a Security Guard with Promotion based on the performance of your duties and as per company policy.


Pension Scheme –

If you do duty continuously for 10 years then you can be eligible for government pension.


Gratuity –

In the job of SIS security, employees are given the facility of gratuity on retirement or leaving the job after 5 years of continuous duty.


Medical Facilities at SIS Security Facility –

Security guard or officer employees are provided free medical treatment in ESIC hospital for himself and his family.


Transfer –

During the job, you can be transferred to any region of the country.


Benefits of SIS Security Loan –

In an emergency, you can also take advantage of the loan under the SIS Security Facility.


Departmental Expenses –

Departmental expenses are provided under SIS Security Guard Facility for the treatment of injury to the security guard due to accident while on duty.


Amount to the family of the employee –

SIS company also gives some amount to the family of the employee in case of his death while on duty or due to any other reason.


Education of two children –

On the basis of competition, the facility of education of two children of the security personnel is also given in Dehradun.


Accommodation and mess facility –

SIS Security employees are provided unit wise accommodation, mess or kitchen related uniform and mess boy.


SIS Security Salary and Benefits –

Salary of all Security Guard, Supervisor and Officers is transferred to their bank account in the first week of the month.


Advance Salary –

In this, under SIS Security Benefits, the SIS Department also provides the facility of advance salary to security on Emergency Situation.

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