How to become SP Full Information 2022

How to become SP, The SP (Superintendent of Police) is considered as the head of the police force of the district. From a constable to an assistant superintendent of police, everyone works in the level below him and strictly obeys his every single order.

A Superintendent of Police is appointed in each district of the country. He is considered to be the head of a small district as well as a large or rural area.




How to become an SP, what should be the qualification for this?

01.  Educational Qualifications –
Graduate in any discipline (Science, Commerce, or Art) from any recognized university. Students can apply for this job even if they are in their final year of graduation.

02.  Age Limit –
To become SP (Superintendent of Police), the age of general category candidates must be between 21 to 30 years. OBC category candidates age should be between 21 to 33 years. Apart from this, the candidates who come under the SC / ST category, their age should be between 21 to 35 years.

03.  Physical Fitness Eligibility –
It is not enough to have the right educational qualification and age limit, apart from this it is also necessary to be physically fit, because for this post physical qualification has to be fulfilled, then only you can become sp, for this physical qualification should be like this should –

>  The chest of male candidates should be 84 cms, some relaxation is also given to the reserved category candidates. There is no demand for chest measurement of female candidates.

>  Male candidates should have a minimum height of 165  cm and female candidates should have a minimum height of 150  cm. There is a relaxation of few cm in the height for the reserved caste candidates.

>  Your eyesight should be 6/6 and 6/9. Candidate must be physically and mentally fit.


How to become SP Complete information –

Perhaps you must know that there is no exam to get any one of the higher posts, but it is obtained through promotion. Similarly, if you are already working in the post of DSP, then you will also need promotion to become SP (Superintendent of Police).

Or if you have just passed graduation and want to become SP i.e. Superintendent of Police, then for that you have to go through some process. Whose information you will get below that in another way How to become SP .

To get the job of SP, first you have to become a DSP, for this you have to give the exam of State PSC (State Public Service Commission), if you pass this exam then you get the post of DSP.
After that, if your performance is very good for at least 5-10 years in the job of DSP, then you can become a SP through promotion.

Superintendent Of Police Selection Process –

To become an SP officer, you have to apply for UPSC exam and by passing that exam you can become SP (Superintendent of Police).

Apart from this, one can give state level examinations conducted by PSC, on the basis of which SP can also be made. But one has to understand its exam pattern and prepare accordingly. Let us know that how many stages of the examination pass through and How to become Superintendent of Police.

The three stages of the exam are as follows –

01. Prelims Exam
02. Mains Exam
03. Interview


01.  Prelims Exam-

Two question papers have to be solved in the preliminary examination, each question paper carries 200 marks. The time given in this is 2  hours. After passing the examination of both the papers, admit cards are issued for the main examination.

02. Mains Exam-

There are a total of 6 question papers, in which Indian Language 300 marks, English 300 marks, Essay 200 marks, General Studies 300 marks, under these subjects the marks for optional subject are fixed in two digits.

03. Interview –

Its process is organized by the Public Service Commission or the State Public Service Commission, in which this interview has to be given by appearing before the committee set by the commission. In this, 250 marks are determined by the committee.

This interview is used to assess the eligibility of the candidate. After getting success in this you can be a sp. In this way, after getting success in the three stages of the examination, your tension will be over that How to become Superintendent of Police is in the police.


How to prepare for the exam and become SP (Superintendent of Police) –

These exams of IAS or PSC are considered difficult from the point of view of government exams, so the chances of getting success in these competitive exams increase.

Make sure to prepare in advance to pass it.

1. Read for 8-10 hours everyday to prepare for the exam.
2. Try to solve the question paper of the last five to six years, from this it can be known that what kind of questions are asked in the SP exam.
3.  Build strong grip on general knowledge. The preparation of the essay should also be done well.
4. Make a good personality for the physical test and take care of your health.
5.  NCERT pattern books are very good, so to prepare for the exam, definitely prepare from NCERT pattern books.
6. Make a timetable for the preparation of the exam, and prepare accordingly for all the subjects regularly.
7.  Current Affairs Read more newspapers and also watch news channels in TV everyday. It gives information about the current events of the country.
8. This exam is considered difficult, to get success in it, identify your Weak Points and also try to improve them.
9. You can also take your own online mock test, this will give you an idea of ​​how well your preparation is going.
10. In addition to self-study, for the preparation of its exam, you can also join any good institute. In which good guidance is given for the preparation of RTO exam.
11. You can also take the help of online courses or YouTube videos through the Internet, here you can get good videos for exam preparation.
12. Have faith in yourself and maintain a sense of positivity inside you, never think negative. Try to stay away from negative people.

If you use the above-mentioned tips for the exam, then your doubts will surely end that you will be able to sp kaise bane in the police department.

Join Course –

There are institutes available for SP officer courses in almost every city. You can complete the course of Superintendent of Police by joining those institutes. Apart from the preliminary and mains tests in the course, you are also prepared for the interview. One can join the course in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Hyderabad and become an SP.

What does SP do?

After becoming SP, there are many responsibilities and work like maintaining peace and law and order in the district.

1. Maintenance of peace and law and order in the district is the first responsibility of the SP (Superintendent of Police) officer. It is also the job of the superintendent of police to reduce or eliminate the crime rate almost negligibly.
2. Give the harshest punishment to the mischievous elements and criminals of the district. It is also the duty of the Superintendent of Police to listen to the problems of the people of his district and punish the guilty.
3.  Responsibility to organize big events or public festivals smoothly.
4. Take care whether all the posted police personnel in the district are working properly in the police station or in the police post, that is, no police officer is taking bribe.

How much salary do you get after becoming SP?

According to the information given above, you understood that How to become SP  in the Police Department. Which is like this, the Salary of SP is found around 65,000  to 80,000. Apart from this, he also gets other allowances and facilities.

Facilities available to SP Officer –

SP (Superintendent of Police) officers are provided government bungalows for residence under additional facilities. It also has arrangements for cooks, peons and other staff. Apart from this, telephone free and official travels are also made free of cost.

Top Colleges to become an SP Officer –
> Hindu College, Delhi
> St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
> Miranda House, Delhi
> Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi