SIS Security Jobs in Chhattisgarh 2022

sis security jobs in chhattisgarh 2022 Before recruitment in this company, physical measurement of all the candidates will be taken and necessary documents will be checked. In which candidates will be rejected in case of any deficiency.


sis security jobs in chhattisgarh Before recruitment in this company, physical measurement of all the candidates will be taken and necessary documents will be checked. In which candidates will be rejected in case of any deficiency.

SIS Security Full Form is “Security And Intelligence Services”. SIS security owner is “Ravindra Kishore Sinha”. It was established in 1985.




The name of the job post of new youths of chhattisgarh in SIS company is Security Guard.


SIS Security Guard Jobs in Chhattisgarh : Eligibility –

In which the age limit is minimum 21 years and maximum 36 years. The educational qualification of the applicant must be 10th pass.


Physically Fitness Requirements –

Candidate should have Height 167 cm and Weight 56 ​​Kg and Chest 80 cm.


Documents –

The job of SIS Security does not require much documents. In this, the first document Aadhar Card (Mobile Number Link linked) and the second Bank Passbook and Passport Size 2 Photo is necessary.

Apart from this, no other documents or eligibility are required to apply for this vacancy.


There are 2 ways of SIS Security Jobs Joining Process

1- From the Training Center (by training).

2-  Direct  From Branch Office (Without Training).

Joining by training in SIS Security brings more recognition. Click here to know the complete process of joining SIS.


sis security vacancy 2022 Joining Related:

When any person goes to the Training Center or Branch Office to apply for SIS Security Vacancy, there is confusion or fear that it is not a SIS Company Fraud.

Due to incomplete information, many youths go back before applying the form.

Therefore, for more information, definitely contact the officer of the Training Center or contact a person who is already working in this company.


SIS Security Joining Fees –

In this, Registration Fees for the job is Rs 350 and Training & Joining Fees is Rs 10,500.

In this, your entire joining process is completed and training and job related uniforms and other facilities are provided.


SIS Security  Training Center –

1 – The reason for the return of people after going to the training center.

2- The whole process of entering the training center.

3- Fees, Documents, Height to be sought in the training center.

4- All facilities available in the training center.

Whether salary is available during training or not.

6 – Whether there is leave during training or not.

7 – How to get a job after training is over.

Click here to get complete information about the 7 points given above.

Know how to get a job after doing SIS Security Training (complete information)


How much does SIS Security Guard Salary in Chhattisgarh get –

Salary as a fresher is available around Rs 12,000-14,000. SIS Security Department also provides PF facility to its security employee, it deducts 12% from SIS Security Salary. Which can also be withdrawn after 6 months during duty or by giving Resign from Job.

How SIS Security will get Advance Payment under Salary (Know full details)


What is given to you during Job Placement :-

Uniform to be worn during job placement consisting of 2 shirts, 2 pants, T-shirts, 2 half pants, jacket, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of shoes, belt, cap, tie, rank-badges, visail and I-card .

Posting is done, which apart from the establishment of Government of India, State Government, posts are established in Tata, Birla, Reliance and other big multinational institutions.


What is available during the job in SIS Security Facility

Permanent job, Promotion on the basis of SIS Security performance, Pension scheme, Gratuity, Salary, Bonus, Medical, Facility, Transfer, Loan facility, Amount to family under SIS Security facility, Education of two children, Accommodation and mess facility, advance payment


SIS Security Full Information –

What is the full form of SIS?

Security And Intelligence Services

When was it established-

It was established in the year 1985.

Who is its owner –

The owner of this company is Ravindra Kishore Sinha.

Whether the company will be government or not –

This company will not be government.

What is the age limit for the job –

Must be between 21 years to 34 years.

Whether to get leave salary or not –

There is no holiday salary in this. Salary is given according to the number of days you do duty in a month.

Whether salary is available in training or not –

In this training salary is not available, only duty salary is available.

Advance payment is received or not –

You can take Advance Salary in case of an emergency. For this you have to write an application.

After how many days/month leave can be taken –

Leave is easily available after doing duty for about 3 months. Can also be taken early in an emergency situation.


  1. On what date does the salary come -Salary is transferred to the bank account within 1 week of every month.


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